Below is a summary of the current “Apps With Vision” including platform availability.   Click the more details link for detailed descriptions, links to App stores, and links to demonstration videos.

ReadAndCall is an App that uses the camera to read telephone numbers which you call.  It permits you to take a picture of the number and store in a list for calling later (like a phone call todo list).   It also allows you to add the number to your contacts list.


VisuCalculator is an app that uses the camera to read numbers which then appear in a list for use in calculations after rotating your device.  The scanned list of numbers can also be emailed in a spreadsheet.  It also offers special modes for typical calculation tasks, such as automatic discount (handy when shopping) and automatic totalling of numbers.


VisuCaller scans phone numbers and initiates a call to the scanned phone number.  VisuCaller behaves like a QR code scanner except it scans printed text phone numbers instead of QR codes.


VisuDiet is an app that permits you to determine whether your are getting too little, too much, or just enough of selected nutrients.  It reads nutrition info from Nutrition Facts.   It also provides a Food Database provided by the US Department of Agriculture of over 8000 food items that you can search.


VisuLotto is an app that permits you to scan lotto tickets and compare against the winning numbers for a draw.  Scanned tickets can also be emailed to members of your lotto group who can import it into their free version of VisuLotto.


VisuLauncher provides the same features as VisuCaller, VisuSurfer and VisuMapper in one application.  It also allows you to scan word phrases and initiate an internet search.


Product List

VisuMapper scans city and street address information and launches your map application with directions to the scanned address.  VisuMapper behaves like a QR code scanner except it scans printed text, not QR codes.


VisuSurfer scans web addresses and launches your browser application with the scanned web address.  VisuSurfer behaves like a QR code scanner except it scans printed text web addresses instead of QR codes.


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