Phone numbers are everywhere in the world: magazines, signs, television, websites, flyers, vehicles, bills, statements, business cards, and many other places. ReadAndCall simplifies calling any of these numbers. Just move your phone over the number, ReadAndCall reads it, and provides you with various options for that number. No more wasted time misdialing. In a few seconds, your call can be started - without much concentration focusing and trying to remember the number. It greatly simplifies the act of calling a phone number.

You can tap the detected number to simply call it.  You can also add a prefix for different situations: long distance (1), an area code or international country calling codes.  Want to clear the detected numbers, just swipe your finger.

You can hold the number to select more options such as add it to your address book, send a text message or save it in a "Call List" for later calling.

The call list is a feature that acts like a temporary address book. You can place numbers here using a reminder image and retrieve them later when you are ready to call (or call again).

This helps with numbers you can't call immediately but don't want to forget (a call "To Do" list), or keep temporary numbers that you need to call repeatedly over a short period - numbers you may not want to add to and clutter your phone's contacts list.  Simply tap the image in the call list and you are presented with more details.

You can tap the number to call or hold it for options to send a text message or add it to your address book.  When you are done with the number, you can delete it.

Prefixes are customizable which is acheived by pressing the Prefix button and selecting Edit.  It can be used to add any leading digits for calling long distance within a country or adding exit codes and country calling codes to dial an international number.  The example below shows how the prefix feature is used to call from the United States (exit code of 011) to China (Country Code 86).

ReadAndCall can lookup country codes.  Simply double tap any button and you can choose a country from a list.

One issue when dealing with international numbers is skipping leading national/trunk digits.  In the example below, a Paris number was added to the call list.  This format is dialed as a local number within Paris.  However, when dialing from outside France (from the United States in the example) the prefix digits are correct but leaving the leading 0 in the number would result in a failed call.

The Digit Drop button is used to correct this so you can make a correct call as shown below (Notice Digit Drop is 1).   To cancel the digit drop, press the digit drop button until it indicates "Digit Drop : 0".

Optical character recognition software does not always get the right answer - however ReadAndCall does a very good job and accurately detects most phone numbers. ReadAndCall makes it very easy to check any detected number. Simply move the phone so the detected phone number is over or under the number you tried to read. This will allow you to check the number before calling.

ReadAndCall recognizes phone number formats from all countries.

iRead Solutions Inc.

Apps With Vision

· Quickly scans phone numbers in real time

· International – reads any phone number

· Call list with reminder images

· Support for adding/removing prefix numbers, including lookup

· Includes Country code lookup table

· Can add to contacts list

ReadAndCall allows you to scan a phone number and act on it.  You can  call it, add it to your contacts or take a ‘reminder picture’ related to the number and add it to a call list.   You simply tap the image in the call list later to act on the phone number.