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Swipe the number button with your finger.

Swipe your finger across the phone screen anywhere close to the phone number viewfinder box.

Making a call starts the native iPhone Application for calling.  You can get back to the ReadAndCall App by double clicking the home button and tapping the ReadAndCall App.  You can also get to it by clicking the home button and finding the ReadAndCall App Icon and tapping it.


ReadAndCall's user interface is designed to allow you to quickly compare a detected number with the phone number being read.   Since phone numbers are displayed in buttons at the top and bottom of the screen, and the viewfinder is in the center, you can simply move the phone slightly so that a button is over or under the number you were reading in the viewfinder.  This allows easy and quick comparison.

How can I be sure the detected number is correct before calling?

I've made a call, how do I get back to the ReadAndCall App?

How do I erase all numbers displayed on the screen?

How do I erase a single telephone number button?

This can happen if the phone is not properly focused.  You should tap in the viewfinder box in order to restart auto-focus.  You may also want to try to move the phone closer and further from the number.  This is especially effective when reading numbers from computer screens when visiting web sites.

This may also happen because a portion of the number has glare.  Try to use your hand to block the light source so the phone number has consistent lighting.

What if the phone can't read a number?

Optical character recognition is not always 100% due to many factors.   Poor lighting, numbers blending with the background, the variety of font types where a couple of camera pixel errors can make one digit one font appear to be another digit in another font.  The goal of the ReadAndCall app is to make it easier for you to call a number without dialing, so the app will display phone numbers for all 'good' detections.   This ensures one of the numbers will be correct.   You will need to move the phone and compare the detected numbers with the number being read to choose the correct number.

How come multiple phone numbers are displayed occasionally?

A prefix is a set of numbers that you need to include at the beginning of a detected number.  It can be a 1 that you need to  insert before making a long distance call, an area code that represents the city you are located in, or a country calling code.

What is a prefix?

Choose the prefix button on the bottom toolbar and select the option "no prefix".

How do I remove a prefix?

Tap and hold the telephone number which you would like to save. You will be given a list of options which include 'Create New Contact' or 'Add To Existing Contact (Paste)'.    Choosing 'Create New Contact' will display a common Address Book user interface to enter a contact (ie an interface you would normal see when trying to add a new contact using the Address Book App on its own).   Choosing the 'Add To Existing Contact (Paste)' will display a common Address Book user interface that permits you to select a user from your Address book and then choose a phone number field where you wish to add the number information for that user.  Press that phone number field until the 'Paste' displays and simply choose 'Paste'.

How do I add a telephone number to my contacts?

Press and hold the phone number and you will get the list of options where the first option is 'Add to Call List'.   Tap that option and the viewfinder box will become larger to permit you to move the camera over an image that you wish to use as a reminder for the phone number.  It can be the name of the business, the contact person, the logo of the company or the address, a picture of a person, or whatever you wish to use as a reminder image.   When your reminder image is in the viewfinder box, tap in the box and the phone will automatically focus and take a snapshot of the image.  The snapshot will be displayed and you will have 2 options to either ADD or CANCEL. If you are satisified with the reminder image, tap  ADD, or tap CANCEL.  If CANCEL is chosen, you have the repeat the procedure to get another reminder image.

How do I copy a telephone number into the 'Call List'?

The program currently has a limit of 20.

How many items can I save in my 'Call List'?