Text Box: VisuCalculator

· Only Calculator in the world with Vision

· Scan Numbers which become selectable from a list when you rotate your device

· Auto Total function

· Discount Table—move phone over number and discount table updates

· Scanned numbers can be emailed in a spreadsheet

VisuCalculator is one of iRead Solutions Inc. 'Apps With Vision'. It is a normal calculator that has a unique feature of  vision to quickly scan numbers for use in calculations, or for emailing as starting data in a spreadsheet.




VisuCalculator is one of iRead Solutions Inc. 'Apps With Vision'. It is a calculator but also uses the camera to quickly scan numbers for use in calculations (including auto total and discounts) or emailing as text and spreadsheet file attachment. By rotating the phone, the numbers become available in a list so you can tap to enter them into the calculator rather than manually entering the numbers. VisuCalculator automatically recognizes many number formats used in the world and displays them in the number format set in your device locale settings.














The calculator maintains a history of your calculations, in case you need to revisit calculations. History can be erased at any time.


Buttons exist in the calculator to control the scanning mode : regular, shopping discount or auto total. A camera button starts and stops the scanning process and numbers are displayed according to the mode. A special 'currency' button restricts scanning to currency numbers (only 0 or 2 digit numbers detected) and results displayed with 2 decimal places. A Tools button directs you to a screen where you can perform the email and calculator history functions.

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