Swipe the number in the list which you want to remove.   A ‘Delete’ button will be displayed.   Simply press this button and the number will be removed from the list.  The total will update accordingly.

When you press the camera button, calculator buttons are removed and replaced by a camera view and list for scanned numbers.   One calculator button remains, the red ‘Clear’ button.    Press this button and all numbers in the list will be cleared.

Scanned numbers are visible by rotating your device (landscape).  You use calculator as any normal calculator except when you want to enter a number, you can choose to tap one of scanned numbers.   You can still enter numbers at any time using the calculator number buttons.


Tap to focus - detections may need a sharper focus for the particular font/background/lighting conditions.

You could also try hiding irrelevant information (use piece of paper, business card, your finger can work sometimes, ...).  If the background has complicated imagery, the App can have trouble finding the numbers in the background.

What can I do if nothing seems to be detected?

I’ve scanned numbers, now how do I use them in my calculations?

How do I clear the all the scanned numbers?

When using the auto total function, how do I get rid of numbers?

Just press the camera button.   The calculator results view will be replaced by a transparent camera view with a viewfinder rectangle and the calculator buttons will be replaced by a list.    Just move your device so that numbers you wish to scan are enclosed in the viewfinder rectangle and they will appear in the list.

How do I scan numbers?

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