· QR Code like scan convenience with printed text contact information

· Can automatically launches Phone App after multiple identical scans of phone number, controlled via settings

· Save to device’s contacts or app list

· Gather data from anywhere, not what fits on a business card only


VisuCaller is one of iRead Solutions Inc. 'Apps With Vision' designed to scan and work with contact  data.



VisuCaller scans contact information and allows you action the scanned information (call a phone number, get map directions, browse a website, initiate an email).  When operating in the tab designed specifically for phone number, phone calls can automatically be initiated when phone numbers are detected multiple times..




















A viewfinder is used to enclose contact data to be scanned and detected information is displayed in a list. If a data is detected multiple times in succession, the App will highlite it in green giving a visible indication of data that is more likely to be accurate.


You can edit scanned data to correct errors or add data, such as add prefix codes for phone numbers.


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