QR Code like scan convenience with printed text web addresses

 Automatically launches device web browser after multiple identical scans of web address

 Auto launch can be disabled

 Scanned web address can be edited so you can correct any errors


VisuSurfer is one of iRead Solutions Inc. 'Apps With Vision'. You move your phone over a web address, VisuSurfer reads the web address and after multiple identical readings, will automatically open a web browser on your device to the scanned web address. Think QR Code scanning convenience but with printed text web addresses.




VisuSurfer immediately scans printed website addresses and automatically launches your web browser. Its QR Code scanning like behaviour but with printed web site information - useful in the MANY situations when QR codes are not available.















A viewfinder is used to enclose data to be scanned and detected answers are displayed in a list. If an answer is detected multiple times in succession, the App will automatically launch it in your web browser (if enabled in settings). Sometimes, multiple answers will be detected that differ by a character or two. This is where you can double tap the correct detection in the list to launch it in your web browser.


You can also edit detections in the list to correct errors by holding the list item and then editing. You can also share any detection in the list by holding the list item and pressing 'Share'.


After a web address is launched in your web browser, you get back to VisuSurfer by pressing the home button and rechoosing the VisuSurfer App.


The most helpful advice when using this App is to ensure you get familiar with 'tap to focus' and 'swiping' across the screen to clear answers while detecting. Best results are obtained when the data is focused - tap the viewfinder to focus achieves this. As you move the viewfinder rectangle over data, it is possible that errors could happen. Generally, after swiping to clear, the data will be read again instantly and in most cases correctly.


For those devices that support video zooming (iPhone/iPod 5 and later running IOS 7 or later), you can pinch to zoom so the App can read small text.


The current version only detects web addresses that contain all English letters (no digits). The next version which permits numbers and letters is in testing and is expected to be released in July.

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